Why You Shouldn’t Become a Cord Cutter Just Yet!

There was a time when having a cable subscription was considered one of the most valuable possessions. It would be the only way to keep up with one’s favorite television series, movies, and live sports games. However, as usual, new innovations and inventions gradually evolve over time, transforming the way the world functions.

Cable television is no longer the only way to watch television. People are using satellite TV and online streaming platforms to keep up with the latest entertainment, live sports events, and news. In these modern times, more than half of the world’s population has access to different avenues of entertainment. One of them is streaming services.

Netflix and Amazon, the two biggest streaming brands in the industry, have taken over the world with their simple and flexible streaming services.

Why Do People Cut The Cord In The First Place?

Many people are hesitant about cutting the cord for good since the introduction of these cordless and versatile online streaming services. Many consumers choose solution-oriented services as technology takes over the world. Because of technological advancements, many people are moving to online streaming platforms and it’s only natural to believe that living in the technological era compels you to adopt a fast-paced lifestyle to keep up with the current trends.

Various reasons explain the rising number of cord-cutters in this world, including the availability of several better and less affordable options, especially given how the cost of a cable TV subscription is expected to soar in the coming months or even years. When the promotional period ends, the cost of the total package increases due to no negotiation, and limited access, which implies restricted free will, and consumers have more expenses to deal with than just cable TV subscriptions.

When it comes to having access to their favorite channels, shows, and movies, people strongly believe in having more power and flexibility. They’d rather spend more money on streaming services that allow them to watch TV from anywhere at any time while still saving money.

However, just because it isn’t as popular as it once was or the only option anymore doesn’t mean cutting the cord is always the best choice, so let’s look at the benefits your cable TV subscription provides you with.

Excellent entertainment guide

One of the greatest parts about cable is that you’ll be able to find whichever channel you desire. Whether you’re a cinephile, a sports lover, or a news junkie, cable TV has an outstanding selection of channels to meet all of your entertainment demands in one place.

That tiny cable box kept on your TV stand has anything and everything you will ever need to satisfy your entertainment cravings.  Showtime, HBO, and a slew of other local and international networks will be available via cable. Imagine paying more money to get a service or a channel that you previously had once at an even lower price. Make the most of your cable services before you consider canceling them entirely.

On-Demand and pay-per-view services

There’s really no doubt that Amazon and Netflix are the greatest at creating and releasing content in terms of originality and exclusivity. They frequently satisfy their consumers with a diverse selection of movies, series, and documentaries; however, the majority of the stuff available is likely to be categorized as On Demand on cable.

While big blockbusters are always available on cable, you can also use their pay-per-view service to watch UFC fighting, MMA events, and the latest releases.

Live programming

Your favorite live events are not available for live viewing on streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix. Having a Netflix account will not help you if you are a fan of the Olympics or the Superbowl.

You’ll most certainly be able to discover all of the highlights and memorable moments later on the internet, but you’ll miss out on all of the thrills and excitement of seeing it live. You may watch live holiday specials sports events, and award shows on your cable package at any time and from anywhere.

You can watch all types of national and international sports on TV, such as ESPN and Fox Sports depending on your location. Some people even create their own cable package to include all international sports television stations. All of your live streaming demands can be met with a simple cable provider like new wave cable.

Amazing bundled services

Everyone’s streaming needs are different. Their reasons for getting a cable subscription may differ from yours. Most people currently subscribe to cable services to enjoy the range of TV channels available, while others pay for particular plans that also include high-speed internet and certain TV channels.

If you have cable and want a tailored package because you don’t watch TV but enjoy high-speed internet, consider subscribing to a particular plan that will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. At the same time, you can have high-speed internet, online streaming services, and various TV channels in your pocket.

Cutting the cord means losing high-speed internet, your preferred wave TV channel lineup, and your home’s major source of entertainment. If you want flexibility and convenience, bundling is one of the most cost-effective solutions available.

No internet connection needed

Consider how upsetting it would be to lose your internet connection if everything in your house was dependent on it. To watch in HD, streaming services rely largely on a stable internet connection. If you lose your internet connection due to networking issues, this might be a major concern. The number of devices connected, buffer speed, peak traffic hours, and other elements all contributes to a strong internet connection.

If any one of these factors is compromised, you may lose access to your streaming services and miss out on your favorite shows and movies.

A cable TV subscription wins in this regard. You’ll never have to be worried about the lack of internet access in your home. At the very least, you’ll have something to keep you occupied. Consider what you’ll be relying on for all of your entertainment needs in the future before cutting the cord.

Cost-effective packages

Cable subscriptions allow you to pick the bundle that best suits your needs and lifestyle. You can easily build your own package or choose one based on your preferences. Choose your top favorite channels from the package you’ve chosen and watch them anytime you want. This keeps you from overspending on big plans and packages that aren’t suitable for your lifestyle. You will save a great deal of money without having to pay any additional fees.

To Sum It Up

If the sole reason you want to get rid of the cable is to save money, reconsider your decision because you can always haggle on the price and shop around for better service providers. You don’t need to splurge for high-speed internet anymore to use online streaming services as long as you have a Wave cable TV subscription!

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