What Is Intercommunication?

Intercommunication is a form of point-to-point communication. It occurs between two processes that belong to the same social group. The sender and target process are specified through a communicator and rank pair. The target process’s rank is relative to a second remote group. The communication channels are disjoint and all inter-communicators are blocking. The following are some examples of inter-communication. Read on to learn more about its components.


The first two definitions are very different, but they do describe how communication can occur. Intercommunication is the process of communicating with another individual. The other definition is the process by which two or more people exchange ideas or information. This form of communication is most common in face-to-face communication, but can also occur via social media platforms. There are several elements to inter-communication, which can be studied using both qualitative and quantitative methods. This article explains these different types of communication.

Important aspect

The most important aspect of intercommunication is the fact that it involves multiple registers of communication. It is possible to have a broadcast form of communication on a social network, and a more personal one through a video on YouTube. Such structures of communication are best exemplified by the phenomenon of meme culture. A user creates a meme for reticulation across a network of millions, while a meme may be designed for a group of hundreds.

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