The Ronaldo Diet

The Ronaldo diet consists of six smaller meals throughout the day. This helps the body maintain a higher metabolic rate, and prevents hunger and weakness throughout the day. It is also very low in calories and contains plenty of complex carbohydrates. Egg whites are an excellent source of protein without a lot of fat, and he doesn’t have much sugar in his diet. He drinks vitamin-rich fruit juices and avoids sodas.

Favorite foods

His favorite foods are swordfish, steak, and Bacalao a la Brasa. He also takes six naps a day, sleeping eight hours each night and taking five naps throughout the day. He also works out very intensely, following a Pilates-based routine, which consists of resistance training. The Portuguese international never eats ice cream or frozen food, so his meals are always nutritious.

Rich foods

The Ronaldo diet is low in calories, but rich in proteins and fats. He eats six small meals throughout the day. In between, he consumes a large amount of green vegetables, including broccoli and spinach. A snack of sardines served on bread is another popular meal in Portugal. Other protein-rich foods include tuna, swordfish, and sea bass. He occasionally eats birthday cakes, but otherwise sticks to a low-calorie, high-protein diet.

Times a day

When it comes to meals, Ronaldo eats 5 times a day. His diet consists of protein-rich foods like eggs and wholegrain cereal. To get the full benefits of these foods, you should also work out daily. A good routine should combine a regular workout and a nutritionally sound diet. When it comes to protein and fat-free meals, this will make you more successful than ever. If you want to look like a soccer star, follow the Ronaldo diet.

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