The Kawasaki W800 Street Seat Height Is Ideal For Tall Riders

The seat height of the Kawasaki W800 Street is ideal for tall riders. Regardless of your height, you will be comfortable riding this bike. Besides, you will not have to worry about a lot of extra features. Its retro styling is a great way to make the ride more comfortable. It has a comfortable two-person tuck and roll seat. It is shaped to help you reach the ground easily and features knee pads on the tank to help you grip the W800.


One of the key features of the Kawasaki W800 Street is its retro-inspired design. Its vintage-looking body is a tribute to the classic Kawasaki W1, but incorporates modern technologies and comfort. The air-cooled vertical twin engine and the modern double-cradle frame design are other notable features of this bike. If you want a comfortable ride, you can use a motorcycle with a high seat height and a lower handlebar.

Riding position

The W800 Street has a traditional riding position that provides a comfortable riding position. Its low-handle position and low-seat height help you get in and out of the bike with ease. The seat is long and comfortable with thick ribbed padding and a shaped urethane at the front. With its high-relief seat, you can get more comfortable and enjoy your ride.

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