The Basics of Writing

Writing is the process of representing a language in written symbols. While these systems do not represent human languages, they render the language in a form that other humans can reconstruct. This process is called ‘transcription’. Here are some common types of writing. We use pen and paper to write our names, sentences, and poems. And we use computer software to make it even easier for others to understand what we’re trying to say. This article will explain some of the basic concepts of writing.

Descriptive writing

Descriptive writing is the process of describing a subject. It is a non-fiction type of writing that seeks to convey a concept or idea to a wider audience. It is objective and focuses on facts, without expressing opinions. On the other hand, descriptive writing appeals to the senses and evokes a mental image. It employs literary techniques to create a visual experience in the reader’s mind.

Vocabulary and style

Word choice is another skill that can be developed. It affects everything you write, from the tone of voice to the vocabulary and style. Some of the most successful authors in creative writing manipulate the reader’s perception of the subject through the use of words. For example, the author of “A Christmas Carol” uses a certain word to describe the actions of a child. This is a clever way to create a story that will delight readers.

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