SIRUI AM 204V Professional Camera Monopod

The SIRUI AM 204V Professional Camera Monpod is a great option for professional photographers. This lightweight, compact and sturdy tripod has four sections with sealed ring locks to keep the camera securely in place. There are three fold-out feet that provide stability and ease of use. You can use the monopod as a floor tripod with its metal spike or rubber foot, or without it for more portable photography.


The Sirui AM 204V is a great choice for the serious photographer or videographer who is always on the go. The tripod is easy to assemble and includes a wrist strap and a non-slip handle for ease of use. This tripod is made of lightweight, durable aluminium and features a cold-protection handle and a neoprene rubber grip. The AM 204V is also compatible with a wide variety of cameras and can be used as a tripod with a number of different camera accessories.

Solid grip

The SIRUI AM 204V is a lightweight monopod designed to protect your camera from the elements. Its high-quality aluminum construction ensures a solid grip. The tripod is extremely easy to assemble, and its lightweight design helps you shoot in a more creative way. There are even two sizes of bolts to choose from, so you can choose which one is right for your needs.

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