Ronaldo’s Low Carb Diet

The Portuguese international follows a strict diet, and has a dietician to help him stay on track. He eats six small meals a day and avoids processed foods. He also prefers foods high in protein, such as bacalhau a braz (cod and onions), as well as fish. He also eats fruits and salads. While he never eats frozen foods, he does consume whole grain pasta and avocado toast.

Drink alcohol

Unlike the majority of men, Ronaldo does not drink alcohol. He eats three to four servings of fish every week, particularly fatty fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. A steak and salad is a regular menu item in his diet, and he often orders it when he goes out to eat. Despite this seemingly limiting intake, it seems to work for Ronaldo.


While some people may consider his diet unrealistic, many people have succeeded at it. While he does eat a lot of meat, he mainly eats fish and poultry. He also supplements his daily protein intake with some dairy products and nuts. In fact, he has even been seen at press conferences with a glass of water instead of soda. And he has a slim physique. While many people would not think of eating a meal full of meat, Ronaldo has achieved a slim physique on a diet that’s high in fat and protein.

Healthy diet

Although the low-carb diet sounds healthy, it can also lead to bench press on a horizontal bench an unhealthy lifestyle. While eating a meal rich in carbohydrates is a good way to get more energy, it can lead to fatigue. If you want to lose weight, eat a low-carb diet that gives you more energy and helps you burn fat. In addition to a healthy diet, Ronaldo also exercises regularly and incorporates games into his routine.

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