How to Make Your Waterproof Bath Cushion Last

If you love taking baths, then you know how exciting it is when you find something new to use in the tub. For people who love their bathtime, it’s hard to find something that can help them feel more relaxed or rested. A bath is a time to get away from the everyday grind of reality, and just soak in pure comfort.

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If you love taking a bath and you haven’t used a waterproof bath cushion, then this is something you have to change. Adding the comfort of a cushion to your bath helps you to relax like you never have. While baths are incredible ways to destress and practice self-care, often times the hard bathtub wall can be an obstacle. For people who suffer from neck or back pain, sometimes trying to get comfortable in a bathtub can feel impossible.

These Everlasting Comfort waterproof bath cushions are designed to help create a luxury, spa-like experience out of your bathtub by adding the support and comfort you need. Because of their design that uses four suction cups, you can position the cushion at any point along the wall of your tub. These suction cups create a strong seal and allow the cushion to work in almost any bathtub.

If you have been interested in how you can upgrade your bathtub experience, here is everything you need to know about the Everlasting Comfort bath cushion and how to make it last.

It’s All in the Design

The Everlasting Comfort bathtub cushion can bring a lot of added comfort to your bathtub experience. One of the ways that it does this, is through its ergonomic design. This pillow is designed to bring relief to specific pressure points in your upper back, shoulders, and neck. This is an incredible tool for people who suffer from back or neck pain to use who love baths, but often times struggle to rest up against the hard bathtub wall.

Not only that, but it comes with deep pockets on either side that make it convenient for storing some of your favorite bathtub accessories like bubbles, or body wash.

How Do You Make it Last?

As you might expect, putting a cushion in water, even if it is waterproof, is a great way to develop wear and tear. If you get an Everlasting Comfort bath cushion, you should be able to use it for a long time. Thankfully, maintenance for the cushion is incredibly easy to maintain, and there are some simple ways to keep your cushion working for a long time.

Easy to Clean

One of the features of the Everlasting Comfort is that its breathable, mesh cover is machine wash proof. This means that a great way to keep bacteria from growing on your pillow is to simply remove the cover and throw it in the laundry as often as you want. This is not only a great way to make sure that your pillow lasts a long time, but it also keeps your bath experience hygienic.

If you ever want to wash the pillow that is made from premium memory foam, it’s suggested that you hand wash it under cold water. This is a super easy process that should never take much time at all.

What about Drying It Out?

One way to make sure that you avoid bacteria, or unnecessary wear and tear on your bath pillow, is by always allowing it to dry. Never store the pillow while wet or damp as this could cause damage. Built into the design of the pillow is a hook that is perfect for hanging it up to air dry. Whenever you finish using or cleaning your pillow, just hang it up over your bathtub and forget about it until you want to use it again, it’s that simple.

Upgrade to Spa Night

Self-care is a deeply important thing to be practiced. It helps you destress from your day, and recenter. Self-care isn’t just good for your emotions and your thought life, but actually healthy for it. In fact, studies have shown that self-care may actually help to improve things like your immune system as well as help you improve your mood and energy levels.

Life can get tough sometimes, and it’s important to stop and relax. Not taking time to unwind and rest can have some very unfortunate effects on you over time. If you love using your bath as the ultimate way to relax, unwind, and practice self-care, then this cushion will elevate bath night to spa night. Adding this pillow to your normal bath routine will be effortless and something you won’t regret investing in.

Crafted with an intentional, ergonomic design, easy to keep clean and hygienic, and unbelievably comfortable, you will wonder how you ever took a bath without one.

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