How to Communicate and Confirm Your Differentiators

Once you have identified what your differentiators are, it is important to communicate them. Your customers will need to know what you do, so it is crucial to explain the reasons why they should choose you over your competitors. And proving that your differentiators are true starts with living by them yourself and teaching your employees. And remember, your customers’ needs should be your priority. This way, you can better serve them. This article will share a few tips on communicating your differentiators.


First, try to quantify your differentiators against your competitors. Do this by gathering data and making a list of the differences you have with your competitors. When it comes to demonstrating your differences, you want to include hard numbers. The more measurable and concrete the difference is, the more likely it is to be remembered by your customers. Next, make a comparison chart comparing your differentiators to the ones offered by your competitors.

Extra research

Once you have identified what your differentiators are, you can start quantifying those differences and defining how they will differentiate you from them. Do some extra research to see how your competitors do it. Using data to prove your differentiators will help your customers see your value proposition and choose your product. In addition, your competitors will appreciate your hard work and your efforts. And this will make your product unique to your competitors.

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