Does Your Pet Need Therapy?

Does Your Pet Need Therapy? If you’ve wondered if your animal may be suffering from stress or anxiety, you’re not alone. A majority of pet owners say that their animals are in need of therapy, but not all pets need professional help. Behavioral problems are a sign that your pet needs help, but that doesn’t mean you need to get a professional for your animal. Only if your pet is causing you a lot of worry or is threatening you or others should you seek professional help.

Social animal

A dog is a social animal, and a prolonged absence can disturb its mood. Without enrichment, a dog may exhibit undesirable behaviors. Increase the length of walks and spend quality time with your pet. If you notice that your dog becomes overly anxious and starts to pace, you should consult with a veterinary therapist or a behavioral specialist. Cats may suffer from various behaviors, including scratching, digging, or eating personal items.

Experience anxiety

Your pet may experience anxiety when you leave them alone or move them around. Your pet will show signs of anxiety in different ways. They may pant, hide, or lick themselves. If you notice these behaviors, take your animal to a therapist. If these behaviors continue, they may indicate a mental health problem. If you are concerned about the welfare of your animal, make an appointment with a therapist. This can help you find the best solution for your pet’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

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