Do Martingales and Part Checks Have A Place In Modern Training?

One popular question in the dog training world is: do martingales and part checks have a place in modern training? The martingale is a flat collar with a half-changed strip of fabric around its circumference. The strip is normally made of nylon or leather, with a steel chain attached. It works by pinching the animal’s neck and behind its ears.


While martingales and part checks are effective for some training tasks, they can also be uncomfortable for dogs. The reason for this is that they are designed to make the dog uncomfortable while on the leash. A dog that feels uncomfortable in a collar is more likely to have negative associations with it. Therefore, you should avoid using the martingale collar on a dog that pulls hard or repeatedly. Moreover, a tightly-fitted collar can cause serious bruising and pain.


When used properly, the martingale collar can be an excellent training tool. It is a gentler alternative to choke collars and prong collars. It will not suffocate your dog and won’t cause any discomfort. A martingale collar is not recommended for dogs that pull hard. It can result in serious bruising.

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