Best Debit Cards In Singapore For Small Businesses

Running a small business can be one of the most liberating and rewarding things. Countries like Singapore are becoming the hub for small businesses and startups. Even if the revenue is small and you would have earned more in the corporate world, the fact that you can implement your strategy and thoughts and build an actual business from scratch beats nothing. But it is not always easy; you will see many ups and downs throughout your journey. Times might arise when you will have no idea what to do next. Whatever the industry, you will find yourself in a pinch more often than not. To avoid such scenarios, you must have a solid plan and resources to avert the trouble.

More often than not, a problem for small businesses is a steady cash flow. Since the revenue of small businesses is not huge and they do not usually have a lot of investors, small business owners find themselves stuck financially and don’t know the solution. You can adopt many things that will help you maintain your cash flow, such as having an excellent finance team, paying bills strategically, becoming technologically able, managing business credit and debit cards, using expense management software like Aspire, etc. To keep your finances stable, having a sound debit card is also essential as they provide a lot of advantages. Having a business debit card can help you manage your team better.

You can now get an Aspire Corporate Card for your employees and ensure the smooth functioning of your business. With unlimited virtual cards and software integration, managing your business is extremely easy and convenient. Let’s look at some of the best debit cards in Singapore that offer services suitable for small businesses. These debit cards are the best options whether you want them for small transactions or making big international purchases.

1. Aspire Corporate Card

Small businesses can benefit from Aspire Corporate Card, a debit card available in Singapore. As a virtual card, it is extremely safe and easy to use. If you wish, you can also apply for a physical card. In order to give your team cards, you can request as many as you need.

2. DBS Visa Debit Card

DBS Visa Debit Card is considered one of the best debit cards in Singapore because of its services. The most attractive feature of the DBS Visa Debit Card is its cashback scheme, which is incomparable with any other debit card in Singapore. They offer a 3% cashback for selected transactions and have a $400 withdrawal limit per month, which is perfect for small businesses. They also charge no extra foreign exchange fee, which we cannot say for every debit card in Singapore.

3. HCBC Everyday Global Debit Card

As a business owner, you might have to travel frequently. HCBC’s Everyday Global Debit Card Singapore is the best option to serve this purpose. This multi-currency card has no annual maintenance fee, which is an excellent help for your business funds. And since you do not have to pay foreign exchange rates for using overseas, HCBC Everyday Global Debit Card becomes very helpful, especially for small businesses. You can also withdraw money while traveling anywhere in the world, and their bonuses and rebates can add to your funds.

4. UOB One Debit Card

UOB One Debit Card is also one of the favored debit cards in Singapore because of their numerous features and offers. The UOB One Debit Mastercard offers its customers 10% rebates, which is excellent for running a business. This card is also one of the safest as it has an e-commerce protection feature that is best for international purchases online. With their contactless feature, UOB One Debit Card is accepted worldwide, and you can withdraw money by tapping your atm pin on your mobile.

No matter what industry your business is, to run it smoothly, you must have access to resources and products that are meant for businesses as they are designed to cater to them. Choosing the best debit card can be critical since every company has different needs. But with thorough research, you can find the perfect debit card in Singapore, which you can use yourself and give to your employees.

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