5 Easy Ways to Prevent Letterbox Burglaryb

Apparently they are stealing your letters and packages? No wonder, there’s always someone who has nothing to do at home and thinks it’s fun or entertaining to steal other people’s stuff. We know how frustrating it is. But, just because it’s an evil that we may see small doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything about it, on the contrary, we need to act faster and know that everything will be resolved. Want a few steps to prevent this from happening again? Read on, we give them to you. 

Alert the community

This is functional both in a residence, an apartment or a community of several houses. If you are noticing that someone is stealing your mail, there may be someone else affected and even if it’s just you, it’s up to all your neighbors because they don’t know when it can happen to them. So set up a meeting and report the situation so that you can inform them and avoid unpleasantness. And even your neighbors can help you to be aware and catch who is giving you problems, sometimes they can recommend locksmiths near you so you can give a little more security to your mailboxes

Empty your mailbox on vacations

In case you are one of those people who travel a lot, then try to have your mailbox empty for when you leave and have someone empty the mailbox while you are away so that you can make sure that no one steals your mail and that you can read it when you arrive. 

Clearly by being away for a long time letters will accumulate in your mailbox to the point that they will be out for all to see and anyone passing by can take your mail. If you are away from home for a long time and your letterbox is outside your home, after emptying it you can have a professional to make your letterbox more secure by installing another type of locking technique, 

Request reception under signature

If you are receiving very important and confidential mail that you cannot let anyone see or steal, then you can ask the delivery agency to please deliver your package in your hand and if you do not respond, they will leave it at their headquarters so that you can pick it up and thus prevent it from being stolen, because it can be very sad to wait for an important letter and someone who has nothing to do with it takes it from you just to annoy you.  

Install a surveillance camera 

Whether in your apartment or home, you can make the effort to install a security camera that focuses on the place where your letters are delivered, either the mailbox or your door, to have recorded who is the person who steals your mail and be able to confront him or her at the moment or call the police. Locksmith and camera installation services are the best thing that can happen to solve your security problems. Sometimes you need local authorization to do this, but they are not very difficult to get. In an apartment, this can be placed on the stair landing where everyone receives their orders or mail.

Install a more secure mailbox

Believe it or not, there are higher quality mailboxes with better security, and you should even consider the possibility that your packages are being stolen because your mailbox lock is defective. In this case you will need the help of a locksmith specialized in locks in Las Vegas to secure your mailbox

This service is not very costly and easy to perform, it does not need too many hours of procedure. But it will give you the peace of mind you need and you will be able to read all your mail without worrying about thieves.

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